Does your organization need cultural change?

Are you going through a merger or acquisition? Have you had leadership change? Are you experiencing rapid growth or a drop in employee morale? Has there been a public embarrassment that shines a negative light on your culture? If any of these apply to you, then managing culture is a critical priority.

Even in the best of times, you want everyone to unite around values that will drive positive change. Above all, you want to build a culture that stimulates pride, drives success, and contributes to society.

Managing culture and driving cultural change are fundamental to running a thriving business. Now is the time to define your culture and weave those principles and values into everything you do.

Above all, take these steps to make culture your hidden asset.

1. To begin with, conduct a culture assessment to define your organization’s core principles and values.

Core Culture- the basis for cultural change

Do you know how to conduct an organizational culture assessment? In other words, do you know how to identify the principles and values that are core to your culture? Uncover the Purpose, distinctive and enduring Philosophy, and strategic Priorities. The process must be an organization-wide experience. In effect, everyone participates!

2. In addition, survey and identify the most critical drivers to increase employee engagement.

Universal Priorities Drive Employee Engagement and drive cultural change

Survey employee engagement to obtain your Employee Engagement Index. And, discover the key drivers of engagement. These key drivers are your prime opportunities to increase employee engagement. Likewise, they are the universal Priorities of your Core Culture. Your workplace must be a humane workplace. To that end, it must bring out the best in each individual. Therefore, this survey highlights the Priorities to focus on internally. As a result, employees and the organization will thrive.

3. Finally, manage cultural change by aligning the Five Ps.

Align the Five Ps. To sum it up, employees must practice the principles and values that drive performance. This means align the Practices and Projections with the Purpose, Philosophy, and Priorities of the Core Culture. Everyone’s goal is to be better at living the Core Culture each and every day.

Align the Five Ps to drive cultural change -Purpose, Philosophy, Priorities, Practices, Projections
The Five Ps

Now, there is a cultural change management strategy that unites everyone in the organization. All will share a set of principles and values that will guide change and drive success. To sum up, achieve success for the company and for each employee working for it!

You can manage cultural change from the inside out. Just integrate the Core Culture principles and values in everything you do. 

Sometimes, you only need to be better at being who you say you are. Other times, you need more extreme change in order to thrive.


Successful companies know their Core Culture. Additionally, employees align the Five Ps each and every day.

You can watch this video to learn about the importance of alignment. Above all, achieve successful cultural change by aligning your Core Culture with the Practices and Projections.


Contact Sheila and let her help you manage cultural change. 

Workplace Culture Institute Sheila will guide your organization so that culture becomes the force that drives your business.

Sheila is President of Workplace Culture Institute, LLC. Her consulting firm is based in Atlanta, located in the U.S., serving companies globally. Sheila conducts cultural assessments, conducts employee engagement surveys, and facilitates alignment of the Five Ps.

Have Sheila help you define and shape your organizational culture and manage cultural change. Sheila provides consulting and coaching services. Also, invite her to speak to your group on organizational culture and employee engagement. And, of course, read her books.

1. Above all, contact Sheila to provide consulting services or coach you through the cultural change process.
2. Of course, invite Sheila to speak on the power of purpose and core values, cultural change management, and employee engagement.
3. In addition, read Sheila’s books on organizational culture and conducting an organizational culture assessment:
How to conduct an organizational culture assessment
Discover how to conduct your organizational culture assessment
Participant workbook for an organizational culture assessment
Include employees in conducting the organizational culture assessment and managing change
What is culture fit
Use this book to understand culture fit and how to screen job candidates for it
cultural change-Core Culture and the Five Ps
Read this business parable to understand Core Culture and the Five Ps
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