Discover seven leadership insights for creating a workplace to call home.

There is no place like work-testimonial

Dr. Sheila Margolis is a co-​​author of There Is No Place Like Work: Seven Leadership Insights for Creating a Workplace to Call Home, Gibbs Smith, Publisher.

There Is No Place Like Work

There Is No Place Like Work is a practical business parable with case examples on the Core Culture principles. The book is based on hands-on, real-world research and concepts used by CEOs, managers and employees in organizations ranging from the Fortune 500 to nonprofits. There Is No Place Like Work shows how organizations have accomplished and can accomplish the ultimate goal of managing their Core Culture. Successful management will help companies build a staff of engaged employees who feel, individually, that they are doing meaningful tasks in the right place-a workplace that offers a sense of belonging and opportunity for the individual and profits for the organization.

A company’s culture is not an amorphous and accidental phenomenon. This crucial element in long-range organizational success is definable, measurable and moldable. That process is called Core Culture Management. This book reveals how to master it by understanding Core Culture and the Five Ps.

This book will help you:

  • Learn how to harness the Five Ps, a set of key parameters delineating critical elements of your organization: Purpose, Philosophy, Priorities, Practices and Projections.
  • Walk through developing your company’s Core Culture Map, which gives you a visual emblem of your organization’s identity and core principles.
  • Learn how to align your organization’s practices to the Core Culture.

Discover the seven insights that successful organizations use to produce compelling results. Uncover the path to achieve organizational success and find personal meaning through work.

Learn more about the book. Read book endorsements. And discover the seven guidelines for culture integration.

There Is No Place Like Work
A presentation by Elizabeth Awbrey at the HR Symposium about their work with Dr. Margolis who is a culture coach for Cherokee Town and Country Club

This invaluable book employs a Wizard of Oz metaphor-making it easy to see how every worker can find the intrinsic intelligence, courage and heart within themselves to create a successful, high-performance workplace.






There Is No Place Like Work

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