Conduct an organizational culture assessment

Is your company growing fast and losing the principles and values that are core to your culture? Or are you going through a merger or acquisition? Or have you had leadership change? Or is employee morale low?

Defining organizational culture, increasing employee engagement, and managing change are fundamental to business success.

core culture-consulting to define core cultureDiscover how to define your culture. Ensure your employees are practicing the principles that drive performance. When employees have a clearly defined and shared set of guiding principles, your organization can present a consistent image to customers and to the public.

Buy these books to guide you in conducting your own culture assessment.

Contact Sheila to support you in conducting an organizational culture assessment.

Define and shape the core principles and values of your organization. These prime principles and values are the Purpose, Philosophy and Priorities. Include everyone in the organization in this culture assessment process.

Sheila is an organizational culture expert. She is based in Atlanta, providing consulting services to companies globally.

She helps organizations in defining organizational culture, increasing employee engagement, and driving organizational change. Sheila provides consulting and coaching services–in addition to speaking about these topics to corporate and professional groups.

Are your employees engaged?

Do employees dedicate their energy and effort to the organization? Are they absorbed in their work, dedicated, and exhibiting extra effort to help the company succeed?


consulting services in employee engagement-- the Universal Priorities Drive Employee EngagementInvite Sheila to conduct an employee engagement survey.

Conduct an employee engagement survey. Measure engagement changes from year-to-year by calculating your Employee Engagement Index. Identify the key drivers of engagement to focus on for increasing employee engagement. Implement an employee engagement strategy to build a more energized workforce. Ensure employees are not just satisfied–but are engaged!


Discover how to implement change using the Five Ps.

Alignment of the Five Ps--consulting services

Contact Sheila to conduct an Alignment Audit and implement an Alignment Plan

Facilitate an Alignment Audit and create and implement an Alignment Plan to drive organizational change. Build your culture of distinction where employees are practicing the principles that drive performance.



Dr. Margolis provides consulting services for clients in a variety of industries. See a list of her consulting clients.

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