Invite Dr. Sheila Margolis to inform and inspire your organization. Speeches are customized to meet the needs of each audience. This is a list of her speaking topics:

speaking topics

Below are sample speeches that she has given in the areas of defining organizational culture, managing organizational change and increasing employee engagement.

Using Core Culture to Drive Organizational Change

Learn how to define your organizational core culture and embed change into the culture

To strategically manage culture and change, you must first define core culture. In this interactive session, practice the steps for defining the unique principles of your company’s culture that are linked to the organization’s founding and its strategic goals. Discover the vital why, the distinctive and enduring how, and the strategic how of your culture. Unite employees around the big picture that captures what you stand for and directs the path for delivering business results. Use this process to inspire employees to live by powerful Core Culture principles each and every day.

Understanding Your Organization’s Culture: Tools to Make HR Practices Strategic

Discover how to define your organization’s culture and align HR practices to culture and strategy (This session has received Strategic Management credit from HRCI: Documentation of Credit)

Culture is your organization’s hidden asset. It should motivate and drive employees to achieve, produce, and excel. But what is culture and how do you harness its power? During this interactive session, discover innovative and practical tools to define and shape your culture and then align it with your HR practices. Be strategic in how you hire, develop, communicate, and manage performance so that you reinforce the distinctive culture of your organization and position it for success.

Alignment At Last: Practicing the Principles that Drive Performance

Discover how to develop and infuse the mission and the distinctive and strategic core values throughout your company and achieve organizational alignment using the Five Ps (This session has received Strategic Credit by HRCI: Documentation of credit-Margolis-Session)

Is everyone in the organization practicing the principles critical to your organization’s success? If your company is all about customer service, does everyone deliver great service? If your company is all about innovation, do your processes and practices motivate and support employees so they are innovative? In this competitive landscape, organizations cannot afford deficiencies in execution. Discover a way to focus, unify and align everyone in the organization around a few vital core principles. Get everyone on the same page. Use this practical and actionable approach so that your organization delivers on its promises and excels.

Engage, Retain, Prosper: Building a Culture of Engagement

Discover what you can do to increase employee engagement in your organization

What is employee engagement? What are the benefits of having an engaged workforce? And what are the changes you can make now to improve employee engagement in your organization?

Employee engagement is a connection between the worker and work. Engaged employees are committed to the company and willing to put forth extra effort to deliver superior performance. Discover the six Universal Priorities–a formula for increasing employee engagement. These Priorities contribute to a humane workplace that encourages the best in each individual. Use the Employee Engagement Audit to assess your company’s level of engagement, the pre-engagement threshold motivators and the drivers of engagement. Develop your Employee Engagement Action Plan so that you have a strategy for improving engagement in your organization. Engagement is a responsibility of everyone. To thrive in a competitive landscape, organizations need to create workplaces that engage their employees, nurturing innovation, open and constructive dialogue, and goal performance. Addressing the social and human side of the worker is key to achieving optimal performance. Engaged workers can and do have a profound impact on your company’s success.

Go to this link for presentation slides: Engage Retain Prosper-Building a Culture of Engagement

Using Organizational Culture to Select the Right Employees

Improve engagement, retention, and the bottom line by aligning your recruitment and selection practices with your organization’s core culture

Companies want productive, committed employees. People want meaningful work. So how do you create such a workplace? This session offers a fresh formula for screening for culture fit. You will learn powerful and practical tools to map your organization’s core culture and audit the alignment of your hiring practices with the culture. Build a workplace where employees understand the culture, personally connect to it, and want to live by it. Play a strategic role in your organization by managing your organization’s valuable asset–its culture.

Using Culture Fit to Help Employees Thrive

To flourish at work–in addition to job fit–employees must also be a fit with the culture of the organization. When employees are a fit with the culture, they find a sense of meaningfulness and harmony working there. They feel their work is worthwhile and purposeful, and there is an alignment of the employee’s values with the organization’s values. Discover a step-by-step process for determining if a workplace culture is a fit for you. Learn a process you can use to evaluate a workplace culture so you can determine where you will thrive.

speaking topics- using culture fit to help employees thrive

The Big-Picture View: Use Values to Unite, Inspire and Get Results

Do your employees see the big picture? Do they know and live by the values that will drive success? To facilitate performance and drive results, you must guide employees in this effort. In this interactive session, practice the steps for defining the inspiring and unique core principles of your company’s culture that are linked to the organization’s founding and its strategic goals. Using case studies, you will learn how to keep it simple, but focused–discover the vital why, the distinctive and enduring how, and the strategic how of your culture. Unite employees around this big-picture view that captures what you stand for and directs the path for delivering business results.

Survive and Thrive with Culture Change

Understand the change process and the questions employees must answer as they experience a merger/acquisition or other culture change in their organizations

Mergers and acquisitions have the power to shake up an organization and ignite feelings of loss and uncertainty that can be devastating to a company and the people in it. It’s more than just a financial deal—it’s a people deal, as well. Employees with years of knowledge and a depth of commitment to a company don’t just turn off the switch and feel dedication to something new. These transactions are fraught with challenges. So what is the remedy? How can you manage in this climate of continuous change? How can you not only survive but also thrive in a constantly changing work environment? The solution begins with understanding culture, evaluating your fit with a new culture, and deciding if the new workplace is the right place for you.

Other more specialized speeches:

The Human Side of Mergers and Acquisitions

Discover a process to conduct cultural due diligence for mergers and acquisitions

Making the Match: A Job-Seekers Guide to Finding a Workplace to Call Home

Learn techniques for evaluating a workplace for culture fit

The Identity-Image Reflection: Create the Image that Mirrors Your Culture

Ensure that the image your organization projects is aligned with the Core Culture of the organization

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