Use Core Culture and Five Ps: Build a thriving workplace

Do you know about these culture concepts: Core Culture and Five Ps?

Now is the time to understand Core Culture and how to use the Five Ps to drive business success.

Successful leaders know the power of organizational culture

These leaders unite employees around a small, compelling set of principles and values–the Core Culture–that generate business success. With an understanding of culture, you can create a workplace where people are doing the right work in an organization where they have a real sense of connection and belonging. The results: increased profits and a thriving and dedicated workforce.

Core culture and Five PsCulture is unique to each organization, and culture can contribute to–or distract from–achieving success. You must first define your Core Culture–a small set of distinctive, strategic, and universal principles and values. In the process, you can decide if change is necessary to ensure that your culture sustains your distinction and supports your strategy. Employee behaviors must be aligned to this shared set of principles and core values–your Core Culture.



Define the Core Culture

Core CultureSo what is your organization’s Core Culture? What is the foundation and framework for employee practices? Do you know the vital Purpose, distinctive and enduring Philosophy, and strategic and universal Priorities of your organization? Do you know and connect with these Core Culture principles and values?


The powerful pairing of Purpose and Philosophy supported by your strategic and universal Priorities form the Core Culture of your organization. The slideshow in the link below explains Core Culture.

Core Culture

Manage change using the Five Ps

The Five Ps--Core Culture and Five Ps
The Five Ps

The Five Ps–Purpose, Philosophy, Priorities, Practices, and Projections – offers a unique and simple way to understand culture and manage change in your organization. Use the Five Ps to guide your organization in Building a Culture of Distinction.

The slideshow in the link below explains the Five Ps and how they can be used to achieve alignment and drive change.

Using the Five Ps to Drive Organizational Change

Discover the Five Ps in the presentation below.




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