Align Organizational Communications with the Core Culture

Do your communications consistently reflect the Core Culture of your company? Always be sure that organizational culture and communication are aligned. Communications–written and oral, traditional and electronic–must provide a consistent message that reinforces the Core Culture principles and values.

After completing a Core Culture Assessment, one of the first actions will be to share the message with all employees. But to reinforce the message, all communications vehicles must be reviewed and altered to incorporate the organization’s prime principles. Success in living the Core Culture will be nurtured by increasing the frequency of getting the same message in all communications. Take the time to review each communication vehicle–such as the intranet, newsletters, meeting agendas, speeches, to name a few–and make changes to align the messages with the Core Culture principles and values.

Improve Employee Communication Skills

Do your employees present themselves in a professional way through their written and oral messages? Do they plan before they speak or write?

Effective communication is a critical component for success in the workplace. Invite Sheila to work with your employees to improve their communications skills. Through individual or group training sessions, employees will be able to:

>Practice principles of effective business writing and document design to enhance written documents.

>Design and deliver winning presentations, using appropriate visual support.

>Use a strategic communication strategy to identify objectives, analyze your audience, and choose the most effective content, structure and style for delivering strategically sound messages–both written and oral.

>Align communications with the values that are core to your culture.

Sheila can deliver customized sessions with employees using company documents. She also provides one-on-one coaching to improve your written communications and your effectiveness as a speaker.

Contact Sheila for online or in-person support to help you improve your communications skills.

Discuss services like:

  • Group training sessions on business writing and/or presentation delivery
  • Individual coaching to improve writing and/or speaking skills
  • Company review and editing of all business communications documents

Improve Internal Organizational Communication

Have Sheila conduct an internal Communications Audit for your organization.

  • Evaluate how information is shared within your organization.
  • Assess the content, audiences, messengers, channels and media, and frequency/timing of communications.
  • Determine effectiveness of communications, considering issues of information lacking and information overload.
  • Recommend changes to improve information flow in your organization.
Conducting a Communications Audit

Through this customized Communications Audit, you will have an organizational communication plan that outlines strategies to improve communications.

Contact Sheila to help you conduct a Communications Audit. Improve the way communication flows within your group or throughout the entire organization.

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