Be sure you are aligning organizational culture with strategy

Work with Dr. Margolis to facilitate your strategic planning process. Ensure you are aligning organizational culture with strategy. Build a strategically-directed, productive and energized workforce.

  1. Begin by defining your organization’s enduring set of guiding principles—the Purpose and Philosophy–the identity of the organization. A strategic plan will fail if it is not supported by these prime principles of the Core Culture.
  2. Next, assess your organization’s strengths and weaknesses and the external factors that can impact success.
  3. Then, create your vision and set specific, quantifiable strategic goals.
  4. Now decide the strategic Priorities that align with those goals. Strategic Priorities are part of the Core Culture. These are the principles and values that can change because their function is to align the Core Culture with the strategy of the organization. Core Culture must align with and drive the organization’s strategy.
  5.  Next, with a clear understanding of the Core Culture, Vision and Strategic Goals, build an action plan with measures to guide performance.
  6. Turn goals into measurable results. Align your people and processes with your organization’s Core Culture and strategy.
aligning organizational culture with strategy
Core Culture must be aligned with the organization’s strategy
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