Use these job seeker tips on culture fit to guide you in your job search.

Understand culture fit!

Job Seeker Manual-guide for culture fitJob Seeker Manual is a step-by-step guide to decide if a workplace culture is right for you. Use these job seeker tips to guide you in understanding culture fit. Then, you can decide if a workplace is a good match. Go through the activities to understand yourself, understand an organization’s culture and then determine if you are a fit for the culture of the company.

When you find the right workplace, you will be able to show how you are a fit for the company’s culture–so you get hired!



Job Seeker Manual on Culture Fit

Read or listen to a recommendation for this book on culture fit.

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This workbook offers culture fit tips and tools to use in your job search.

  • Activities to evaluate if a workplace culture is right for you
  • Tools such as your personal Job Seeker Map defining your purpose and the principles that matter to you
  • Questions to use to define the Core Culture of a prospective company
  • Job seeker tips to guide you in your job search to evaluate your fit with the culture of the company

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View these slides on using culture fit to find the right workplace

Go to this link to view the Job Seeker Manual presentation on using culture fit in your job search.

Job Seeker Manual-culture fit


Use these worksheets from the Job Seeker Manual to decide culture fit.

Complete the worksheets in the Job Seeker Manual to help you find a workplace culture that is a fit for you. Copies of the worksheets from the book can be downloaded here: Job Seeker Manual Worksheets.

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