Organizational Identity = Purpose + Philosophy

The Purpose and the Philosophy are organizational identity. As a unit, they are the central attributes that have defined the character of the organization and the cause that it has served over the years.

The elements of Organizational Identity serve as the basis for all aspects of the business. Any change to either the Purpose or the Philosophy will have a significant impact on the organization and its employees. Preserve these attributes. Only change them with a clear understanding that this is monumental change required for survival. When you alter either the Purpose or the Philosophy, the organization will feel like a different organization; employees will need to reevaluate their connections to it, and many Practices will need to be altered.Organizational Identity: Purpose + Philosophy

Organizations seek change to improve and prosper. But often the change that is needed the most is for everyone in the organization to be better at being who you say you are. The challenge is to more consistently practice the principles of the organization’s identity.

Key Points about Organizational Identity

  • Together, the Purpose and the Philosophy constitute Organizational Identity.
  • Organizational Identity is the enduring essence of an organization.
  • The organization’s identity is the unique product of its history — not something that can be copied from others. It must be authentic.
  • Organizational Identity serves as the anchor that grounds an organization and the filter through which it screens its actions.
  • Any change to the Purpose or the Philosophy can have a major impact on the organization and its employees.
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